Closed On Memorial Day

Gallucci’s will be closed on Monday, May 29th in recognition of Memorial Day.

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Noggin’s Favorites II with Chuck Masterpaul

Clear your calendar for WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14th starting at 6:30 PM, because we’ve scheduled our next Dinner at Gallucci’s with Chuck Masterpaul. After the popular success of our trip down memory lane with Noggin’s Favorites, we are back with Round Two of Noggin’s Favorites!


Our hosted dinners include exclusive access to our store, wine pairing and product suggestions, and consultations with Chef Masterpaul. The cost is $50 per person. Book your reservations early. Call us at 216-881-0045 Ext. 10 and ask for Chuck, or email Chuck at!

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Four New Cheese Selections

We are always looking for delicious new cheeses to add to our selection. Check out these four new choices!

Cahill’s Original Irish Porter Cheddar – This brown waxed gourmet cheese truckle is the original and definitive Irish Plain Porter Cheese. Each brown waxed truckle is individually handcrafted with plain Irish porter, brewed by Guinness in their Dublin at their Dublin premises since 1759. This cheese is perfect as an hors D’Oeuvre when sliced and served with a tossed salad. It is equally as good when served as a centre piece on an after dinner cheese board.

Cahill’s Irish Whiskey Cheese – This yellow waxed gourmet cheese truckle is hand made using Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, then matured into a tantalisingly delicious aperitif. This is a traditional Irish monastic Cheese reputedly brought by the Irish Monks to Scotland. It is a simple vintage cheddar entwined with Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey to give a fabulous savory combination. It was originally created for festive occasions such as Harvest or Christmas, but today it can be enjoyed all year round.

Don Juan Manchego Rosemary – A rosemary coated cheese made with sheep’s milk from the La Mancha region of Spain.

Jean Perrin de Scey French Raclette – The name Raclette derives from racler, meaning to scrape, and describes the way in which the cheese is traditionally eaten. It is cut and heated next to the fire, being scraped off with a knife as it melts, then eaten. A semi-hard cheese with a brownish-beige rind and a cream coloured pâté; Raclette de Scey has a supple elastic texture and a full beefy flavour, with nuances of nuts and a slightly fruity aroma. When grilled, the rind becomes quite crunchy and the flavours intensify, lingering with a savoury finish.

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Sample Saturday & 105th Anniversary Special

Saturday, May 6th we will have samples of our delicious Imported Buffalo Mozzarella. Also, our 105th Anniversary Special will be a selection from our new Fresh Produce: Cherry Tomatoes, 1 Pint for only $1.05! (Limit to first 50 customers)

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Sample Saturday: Selections from our Catering Menu

On Saturday April 29th, we will be sampling items from our Catering menu:

Chicken Marsala
Chicken Piccata
Lasagna & Meatballs

See you Saturday!

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Imported Spreading Cheeses

Four new imported spreading cheeses now grace the shelf at Gallucci’s. These are made with a few of not only the most popular imported Italian cheeses, but also four of the highest quality with the most distinct flavor, and rich cultural history. Firstly there is Parmigiano Reggiano, with it’s inimatable nuttiness to perfectly balance the line between creamy and sharp. Next there is Taleggio, Italy’s most famous double cream, & one of the oldest recipes for cheese still made in the same ancient ways. Thirdly is Auricchio. So sharp it’s flavor can cut right through other cheeses. This is not the provolone at your local pizza shop, it bites back. Finally, rounding out this delicious group is Locatelli. The premier name in Pecorino Romano, you just can’t get any more flavor than the dolce, salty, creamy, tangy addition of “Locatell” to a dish.
Everyone of these gorgeous cheeses is available right now.

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