Lunch Menu

Our Lunch Menu and Mama’s Cuisine Catering Menu is now available as a downloadable pdf.
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8 Responses to Lunch Menu

  1. Joan DePauw says:

    May, 2011 – We love Gallucci’s – my mother remembers the old stores (she is 98) growning up she lived 0n E.31st near Woodland Ave., close to St. Joseph and St. Anthony’s churches. When she was able until 1 yr ago, I would bring her to your store and let her get what she wanted. My sister and I now come down to load up with “Goodies”.
    Joan DePauw/Fairview Park, Ohio

  2. Dawn says:

    I just had my first piece of lasagna from your place last week, given to me by a coworker…. I have never in my life tasted such delicious lasagna! You have yourself a new customer!

  3. LAB says:

    Ms. DePauw: I wonder if your mother knew my father’s family, who lived on East 28th between Carnegie and Cedar, and later at 12201 Woodland Avenue? Name is Bucci.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Your lasagna is SO wonderful. It’s one of the world’s best comfort foods. My husband doesn’t eat red meat. Do you ever make turkey lasagna?

  5. Arthurene Cardwell says:

    The garlic bread with cheese is the “BOMB”! I can no longer order garlic bread any where else, I only want it from Gallucci’s. :-)

  6. Ralph Gardner says:

    Best Steak Sandwich I’ve had anywhere!

  7. Jean Murdocco says:

    THE BEST EGGPLANT PARM SANDWICH…EVER!. I love coming to your store !

  8. Marilyn (DeMarco) Burkett says:

    When we were kids (many years ago). My Dad would take us to this most
    Awesome store where all the smells were the best, salami and cheese hanging from
    the ceiling, pickles. In a barrel ….we could reach in and take one if we were good. At that time there were two stores Galluci’s and Zanonies. How I miss those days. Dad just passed last year, he was 97.