Gift Basket List

This is a list of the standard items that will be in our gift baskets. (Substitutions, when necessary, will be items of equal or greater value.) Custom baskets are available! Call 216-881-0045 x20!
Call The Gift Basket Man for Ideas, Suggestions and Special Requests for All Occasions.

$49.99 Basket
Gallucci’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Gallucci’s Pasta Sauce 32oz
Spaghetti Pasta 1 LB
Gallucci’s Balsamic Dressing
Roasted Artichokes
Bellino Breadsticks
Cento Roasted Peppers
Perugina Baci
Italian Cookies


$69.99 Basket
…All of the items in the $49.99 Basket, and also…
Flat Bread Crackers
Bellino Bruschetta
Perugina Baci 21 pc.


$99.99 Basket
…All of the items in the $69.99 Basket, and also…
Gallucci’s Alfredo Sauce
Gallucci’s Balsamic Vinegar
Bellino Risotto
Austuri Black Pepper Bruschetta
Cashews 1 LB


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