Imported Spreading Cheeses

Four new imported spreading cheeses now grace the shelf at Gallucci’s. These are made with a few of not only the most popular imported Italian cheeses, but also four of the highest quality with the most distinct flavor, and rich cultural history. Firstly there is Parmigiano Reggiano, with it’s inimatable nuttiness to perfectly balance the line between creamy and sharp. Next there is Taleggio, Italy’s most famous double cream, & one of the oldest recipes for cheese still made in the same ancient ways. Thirdly is Auricchio. So sharp it’s flavor can cut right through other cheeses. This is not the provolone at your local pizza shop, it bites back. Finally, rounding out this delicious group is Locatelli. The premier name in Pecorino Romano, you just can’t get any more flavor than the dolce, salty, creamy, tangy addition of “Locatell” to a dish.
Everyone of these gorgeous cheeses is available right now.

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