New Sandwich Slicing Cheeses!

Gallucci’s now features 4 new sandwich slicing cheeses, all based on gourmet cheeses we already carry, but in a loaf style to slice that’s perfect for cold cuts, or grilled cheese sandwiches.

Edam- A semi-soft cheese from Holland, that is very mild, slightly nutty, and sharpens with age.

Fresh Mozzarella- Yes, the very same that comes deliciously packed in water, and brightens up your Caprese Salad is now ready to slice perfectly thin for your sandwich needs!

Danish Fontina- The slightly sharp but always smooth Dutch take on the Italian favorite, this is the most meltable for grilled cheese.

Manchego- Spanish sheep’s milk cheese that is buttery and creamy, from La Mancha just like Don Quixote.

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