Smoked Prosciutto Cotto

What looks at first sight like your basic American Cooked Ham, is at first taste so much more. Welcome to the tender, succulent world of Italian Smoked Prosciutto Cotto. Obtained using only the best fresh pork legs from strictly controlled breeders, smoked Prosciutto Cotto is prepped in a steam oven, then smoked exclusively using traditional wood-fire methods, to ensure consistency and intensity of flavor. These Hams give a delicate, harmonious perfume, an exceptionally soft slice, and an unmistakable shade of pink with every piece. Almost a century of experience searching for the perfect balance between ancient recipes, temperature, and production techniques assures this. From Verona, Italy, sliced fresh to order in Cleveland, Ohio, we invite you to experience a rare and exceptional treat, everyday at our deli counter.

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