The Chocolatey, Hazelnutty Magic of Perugina Baci…

So I’m certain that I don’t have to tell most Gallucci’s customers that we carry Perugina Baci, chocolate candies, but let’s talk about them because we love them. Start with a dark chocolate outside, chopped hazelnuts, and chocolate cream filling with a whole hazelnut in the center to keep it balanced. Silky and delicious, they are an impossible to resist treat. Now you can’t say we never told you.

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2 Responses to The Chocolatey, Hazelnutty Magic of Perugina Baci…

  1. Maureen Schill says:

    Do you carry Perugina “Spicchi” hard candies? They are citrus flavored hard candies. If you don’t carry; are you able to order fromPerugina?
    Thanks so much!
    -Maureen Schill

  2. Matthew says:

    Sorry we do not carry these.