Three new additions to Marc’s Cellar

I’d like to introduce three selections from the Wine Enthusiast Importer of The Year, Mionetto Imports: Mionetto Il Prosecco, Mionetto Il Moscatto and Mionetto Lambrusco.
Il Proseco, Il Moscato, etc.
This week I am in sunny Florida, enjoying short sleeves, shorts and sunscreen… and of course drinking wine on the patio. When I sampled these wines, my first thought was how well they would pair with summer activities. All three are fresh, simple, and ready to drink now, while selling for a very reasonable $11.99 per bottle.

The Mionetto Il Prosecco is the perfect every-day sparkling wine. It is straw-colored with brilliant reflections. The aroma is fruity, reminiscent of pear and citrus with a slightly floral bouquet. The wine is fresh and crisp with apparent apple and peach flavors. Prosecco is a universal wine, as you can enjoy it with lunch, dinner, dessert, or all by itself.

The Mionetto Il Moscatto is a distinctive white wine that is a favorite at celebrations and social gatherings. It is slightly effervescent with flavors of peach and citrus with just a hint of wild strawberry. Moscatto is one of the fastest growing wine types right now. What that really means is that there is a glut of bad moscatto in the marketplace. Do not confuse Mionetto Il Moscatto with any of those bad imposters. This wine is the genuine article.

The Mionetto Il Lambrusco is made from grapes of the ancient ‘Grasparossa’ vine, cultivated on the hills surrounding the Castelvetro village in the Modena province. The wine has an intense ruby color, with a light pink froth. This is a fruit-forward sweet wine with scents of red berries. The sweetness is complimented by a refreshing acidity and a gentle effervescence that help round out the fruitiness of the wine. This is not the lambrusco you grew up with…it is best serve chilled, but it is not nice on ice.

I encourage you to enjoy one (or all!) of these fine selections at your next deck or patio party. And as always, please drink our fine wine, as well as all alcoholic beverages, responsibly.

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