NEW: Spinach and Tomato Powder

New products in the Spice Aisle: Spinach Powder and Tomato Powder!

These versatile products can be used to make your own tomato or spinach pasta, but can also do so much more! Add tomato powder to any recipe that calls for tomatoes for an extra burst of flavor. Add a pinch of spinach powder to your favorite bread recipe for a tasty surprise. Both can be mixed with sauces, dips, soups, and even scrambled eggs!

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Tony’s Bologna

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A message from Carol Gallucci Kotora

By now, most of you know about the passing of my mother Ann “Mama Gallucci”. As you can imagine, it has been a difficult time for our family. On Saturday, December 28th we held a Celebration of Life ceremony in the store. It was wonderful to have so many friends, customers, and family attend. Our hearts were lifted by warm expressions of affection for her. We heard endearing, and yes, sometimes comical stories about her. She would have loved it– all the people in her store enjoying the camaraderie and of course, eating pasta with her sauce!

A Special thanks to Father Ted Marzel for his inspiring words and to Chef Scott and staff for preparing and serving the food.

“We love you, Mama. We’re going to miss you, but no one will ever forget you.”

Carol Gallucci Kotora.

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Hand me the Envelope please…

What were the most popular products of Christmas 2019?

The Winner:

#1 Gallucci’s Frozen Pizza Doughballs. Blowing away the competition, the single most popular item was our delicious and versatile frozen doughballs! Great for more than just pizza, you can use them to make calzones and desert pastries, too. (I made a delicious honey nut roll with one last year… perfect!)

Runners Up:

#2 Gallucci’s Mild Italian Sausage. Need I say more? Our signature sausage is one of the best things ever to line a casing. Perfect in the skillet or on the grill!

#3 Mazzone Bread. Ever walk into our shop and have your breath taken away by the aroma of fresh baking bread? That’s what Mazzone Bread will do to you. So delicious, a loaf doesn’t last long in my house… better buy two!

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