New “Cornetti” Flavors from Dais!

Two new varieties of croissants (a.k.a. Cornetti) by Dais, “Classic” and “Pistachio”! (Product Of Italy)

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New: Koops’ Mustard

New: Koops’ line of fine mustards, including: Spicy Brown, Honey Mustard, Dijon, Stone Ground, and Original Yellow!

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New: Luxury Balsamic Vinegar from Italy!

We’ve added several new high-end Balsamic Vinegars, imported from Italy!

(O) Due Vittorie Boxed Set, 250mL
(O) Fattoria Etense Aceto Balsamico Di Modena, 250mL
(O) Leonardi Condimento Dama Balsamico, 250mL
(O) Fondo Montebello Aceto Balsamico di Modena, 250mL

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NEW! Artisan Imported Pasta from Pastificio dei Campi!

At Pastificio dei Campi, the concept of producing durum wheat semolina has been revolutionized, beginning with a redevelopment of the land where the ingredient is grown. In an area historically devoted to the cultivation of durum wheat – Puglia – they involved local growers in the production of an extremely nutritious wheat variety, without the use of chemical fertilizers and using only traditional cultivars. By sacrificing high yields – and using a three-year rotation cycle to prevent soil impoverishment due to monoculture – they took a huge step in the direction of quality, and also the concept of complete traceability throughout the production chain. The 100% Made in Italy certification is the picture of complete transparency and traceability of the Pasta di Gragnano produced by Pastificio dei Campi!

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